"As a full-time college professor, this program has allowed me the flexibility to pursue the training in a convenient time frame. Each weekend I take away something new to work on for myself and something to bring to my teaching."

Missy Barnes
Former Head of Movement Theatre and Dance
Catawba College

Robin and CBAS class of 2010

Sunset yoga at Bearnstow in Maine

"CBAS is the perfect answer for people with full-time careers, as it is flexible, yet thorough. The CBAS training is intense and stimulating, the teaching staff diverse, and the camaraderie of fellow trainees extremely fulfilling."

MaryJean Allen
Voice and Body Mapping Teacher
Chicago IL

NC program co-founder Marsha Paludan

Robin and Marsha in performance.

"To this day, Marj's wisdom is with me in daily life and especially when I'm teaching. I can hear her telling me to 'keep it simple' and that approach always seems to work."

—Robin Gilmore

Marj Barstow gives a lesson to Marsha Paludan and Robin Gilmore, Lincoln, NE, 1989

Marjorie Barstow (1899-1995) trained with F. M. Alexander in London in the 1930s and was the first to graduate from his teacher training program. For many years, people traveled from around the world to attend Marj's annual summer workshops in her home town of Lincoln, Nebraska. Marj was renowned for her ability to help her students think on their feet and improve their coordination with what she called "a little bit of nothing."

CBAS trainees practice hands-on skills with a willing volunteer.
Robin with "Tassie" the CBAS skeleton

"As a professor at Lawrence University, I’ve got a ready-made audience for sharing some of the material from the training weekends, and I’ve definitely reaped rewards! I have introduced a variety of ideas into our Acting I curriculum, added some workshops for a student wellness committee, and helped a colleague with some research on physical awareness. I’m simultaneously building my skills and becoming a resource to my students and colleagues —all with the guidance and support of CBAS monthly training."

Kathy Privaatt
Associate Professor of Theatre
Lawrence University
Appleton, WI

"Table work"
Teresa gives an AT "horse" lesson

Body Mapping at Dance Place, Washington, DC



AT in pregnancy



Alexander Technique helps horses, too!